The clear advantage of clear writing

You’ve got a good business and a passion for serving customers. What you might not have, though, is a lot of experience with writing for publication or acquiring images to boost your marketing efforts.

You’ve heard the ancient phrase, “Words aptly spoken are like settings of gold placed in fine silver.”

We can help you share the messages that clearly convey the benefits to customers who use your services or products. Words carefully crafted can open doors to hearts and minds that remain firmly closed to other appeals. Here is a recent example from work for a tour company:

Before editing

The climate is welcoming at AnyIslandResort. And, as the chilly autumn winds start to blow in northern latitudes, AnyIslandResort’s experienced staff invites you to relax on our award winning beach where the breezes average 80°F (27°C) throughout September and October and the waters vary between 75°and 80°F (24°and 27°C). AnyIslandResort was recently named AnonymousTropicalNation’s #1 Resort and among the Caribbean’s Top 10 Resorts according to Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best rankings.

After editing

When outside temperatures are dropping and inner stress is climbing, AnyIslandResort is your remedy for relaxation.

Yes, the fall climate at AnonymousIslandNation’s premiere resort is delightfully comfortable with its 80°F (27°C) breezes and comparable water temperatures that turn a dip in the ocean into an organic therapy session.

It wasn’t the spirit-refreshing weather, however, that prompted AnyIslandResort’s ranking as AnonymousIslandNation’s top resort destination and listing among the Caribbean’s Top 10 resorts. That credit belongs instead to AnyIslandResort’s experienced staff, great facilities and quality amenities that set the resort in a class of its own.

This admirable array of excellent people, properties and services is what prompted editors of Travel + Leisure to include AnyIslandResort in its list of “Top 10 Caribbean Resorts.”

Whether your content need is for editing, conversion of existing marketing information into blogsite copy or creation of original content about your business, we can help you connect with existing and potential customers in compelling ways.

With professional photographer experience, we also provide photo editing services and acquisition services that can enhance your blogsite’s appearance and communicate the quality and range of your business offerings.

Take your blogsite to the next level. That way, your customers — and your competition — will look up to you.

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