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You’ve heard the ancient phrase, “Words aptly spoken are like settings of gold placed in fine silver.” 

We can help you share the messages that clearly convey the benefits to customers who use your services or products. Words carefully crafted can open doors to hearts and minds that remain firmly closed to other appeals.  

Below are examples of website content provided for various site pages. 

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small head shot Passionate in her concern for people, Lori Drummond has dedicated herself to helping others gain better health through better nutrition. 

That’s why Good Health Consulting LLC exists. 

The lifelong wellness disciple knows there are no magic wands to a healthy life, but that amazing results can follow careful, committed choices to eat more wisely. 

A registered, clinical dietitian and learning-hungry entrepreneur, Lori wants to share her compassionate competency with you so that you might have a more active, extended life. You can read more about Lori’s qualifications and zeal for good health by CLICKING HERE. 

And in the months ahead, other health professionals with the same, caring desire will join her team for the purpose of helping people just like you. 

So much life awaits you. Start making good choices today that will benefit you and your loved ones for years. 

Content for the home page, condensed Welcome box

You can reclaim the quality of life via better health through proven, sustainable strategies that I’ll show you. Remember that better health is the fruit of good choices. Please let me help you to make those choices. 


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Building a blogsite is like opening a box of puzzle pieces and put them together in hopes that something good will result.  Selecting the right blog platform, the right sidebar elements, and finding the right design theme are time-consuming steps for those inexperienced in such. 

Yes, novices can reach the point of adequacy in this process.  But not without hours of effort.  We know.  We’ve been there and want to help you avoid that “black hole” of computer time. 

You have a business to run and the value of your time at the helm of your business is much greater than the economical cost of our business blog set-up service. 

That’s where we come in…. 

Content for the home page “Easy to get started” sidebar box

Biz Blog Depot can help you turn every computer in the world into a sales tool for your company.
With very little effort and financial investment — starting at just $250 — you can have your own blogsite up and running in as little as 24 hours. 

We make it simple. We make it time-efficient for you. And you’ll be in control of the whole process. 



The choice is yours

 Whether your content need is for editing, conversion of existing marketing information into blogsite copy or creation of original content about your business, we can help you connect with existing and potential customers in compelling ways. 

Communicate your business message to customers in your community and around the world with just a few minutes of training, thanks to the ready-to-go site options provided by Biz Blog Depot.  

With professional photography experience, we also provide photo editing services and acquisition services that can enhance your blogsite’s appearance and communicate the quality and range of your business offerings. 

Take your blogsite to the next level. That way, your customers — and your competition — will look up to you.   

 For more information about how Oasis Media Services might help you toward business or organizational success, please contact us here.